A Few Christmas Cards

I was in a card exchange and made a few cards in my Cricut. I forgot to take pics of all of them. Oh well!


Nicely done! You are having fun with that Cricut!

The Santa! The reindeer! They are all so cute.

Here is the one you sent to me! It is beautiful!

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Thank you so much for taking a picture! I sent yours off before I got a chance, Of course I had to do a cardinal for ya.


Sure 'nuff, sugar puff!

The cardinals are enjoying the cooler weather we are having this week!

These are great! A real treat to receive in the mail!

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Super cute!

Such fun cards, what a great bit of cheer to find in your mailbox! I like how the Mickey sweater is not a solid piece of card stock, but has all the little bits weeded out, it adds to the texture and charm and that vintage Santa is super cute!

Thanks all!

Those are great! That sweater has so many layers!