A few things I've already done

Just thiught Id share a few Vinyl cuts. I’ve had a Silhouette Cameo machine for a while (about a year) but didn’t get round to using it for vinyl. Mainly because most of my vinyl ideas were in Silver and I didn’t get that colour with my machine. So in lockdown I treated myself to some silver vinyl and did this:

The stickers aren’t perfectly placed because I didn’t use transfer tape that time.

Inspired by my success I worked on a decal for my Wife’s Laptop. She’s starting an Open University degree in history this year and is a loves the Tudor Rose emblem:

Hope you like these projects!


Those tins looks really professional! And the laptop design is a briliant idea. Maybe I need to cheer up my laptop too! Good luck to your wife! I did a minor in history and sometimes I still think about picking it up again and getting my BA.

really nice! love the style you used for the tins. they look very tasteful. and the rose is beautiful. way to make her laptop pretty.

Those tins are awesome. I like how you did unshaded beans for decaf and shaded for regular.

I have a cricut and have never done vinyl. I don’t know why but it seems daunting to me.

Those tins are great! Such a retro feel to them.

I like the computer decal! It’s so nice to be able to personalize a laptop and make it more her style! I’m glad you treated yourself to the silver, what better way to spend a quarantine than by doing fun things you enjoy? :blush:

The tins look pretty professional to me! Nicely done! And I LOOOOVE the Tudor Rose. I’m a fan of that design as well. I bet your wife loves your thoughtful gift!

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I’d say vinyl is as easy as card. Especially if you have a roll feeder. I’d encourage you to step out of your comfort zone - it can be very rewarding and has loads of applications. We have some coasters bought at a craft fair from someone who cut their vinyl in mirror image and stuck it to the bottom of the coasters. I’m looking forward to trying that myself some time.

Main thing is it can be trickier weeding and you get better results transferring the stickyback stuff if you use transfer tape.

Yes. She likes it. I’m a huge fan of heraldic design myself, the Fleur de Lys being my favourite.

Those look so sharp! Thanks for the tip about transfer tape, also.

Those vintage tins look authentic, great job!

Both projects turned out great! Glad to hear your treated yourself to the silver vinyl and made your design ideas into real life things.