A flock of flying geese baskets

My fingers hurt from hand sewing the bottoms on these but I am SO happy to have them done.

I had a hard time making myself complete this project at all but I’d sewn all these stupid triangles together and they needed to be made into a thing so here we go.

They’ll be Easter baskets next year, into the closet they go until spring!


They really are delightfully charming, though! Congrats to you for powering through the I-don’t-wannas to complete them!


They’re lovely!

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I love these. They are very pretty.

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These are great! How wonderful it will feel next year to open up storage & pull them out.

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They are adorable!

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I’d love for you to be MY Easter bunny because I’d love a cool basket like this! The best part to me is the black and white striping around the “geese” because it just sets apart the color. GORGEOUS, my friend!

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These are really beautiful!

These are just lovely,

Love the fun lining fabrics on these ones!

Super baskets!! Hope they get a lot more use than just Easter!! They deserve it! :smiley:

Thanks all, glad you think they look good at least. I used doubled sided fusible foam I had in stash for the sides but didn’t have enough for the bottoms. Finishing the edges needed bias binding because of the fusing & then I couldn’t figure out another way to attach things except for hand sewing I did not enjoy. The last baskets I made on the fly with fusible felt couldn’t stand up to a bunch of candy filled carrot treat bags and it’s been bugging me so I had to try again with the foam but what a pain that stuff is, and expensive!

I’m happy to have used those geese & the foam from stash but I found the frustration of this project turned me off the end result and that’s a good lesson for me. A lack of planning & hodgepodge of supplies made for many evenings of work for 3 baskets I have no room or use for and that won’t store easily. I am going to put them away until next easter & hope I don’t still hate them when I take them out. They don’t fold up, that was the stupidest mistake :roll_eyes:


They’re so lovely that there ought to be many possible uses for them where you’d be happy that they don’t fold down!
Holding rolled up dry wash cloths on a bathroom counter?

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These really are pretty. In spite of how you feel about them at the moment, you learned some things. I think they are adorable.