A Giant Granny

I needed a mindless project and had a large ball of yarn so decided to make a giant granny square with it. Nice baby size or lap blanket, hoping to find somewhere to donate it as I don’t need either.

For small squares, I connect the rows and continue without turning but, for this, I decided to turn each round so there’s not a right and wrong side. Didn’t realize until I took this photo that you can see the joins on the right side because the colour steps up, I’m sure when it’s in use no one will notice.


Ha, I like that you called a “giant granny”. The colors are vey pretty. I would think a retirement home or hospice would be able to use a lap blanket. When I was in middle school we went to senior housing in our town and were assigned people with whom to talk. I could always pick out my lady by the colorful blanket she had around the back of her wheelchair.


So pretty, and a great use of cake/ stripe yarn!
Maybe I’ll follow your lead, since granny squares are pretty much the extent of my skill in crochet :laughing:
This will keep someone warm this winter!



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It looks great; the joins won’t be noticed when it’s on a lap.

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Looks like a lapful of cosy love to me. Nice colours, good choice.

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