A Hobby Horse named Laffe

Being the one who can easily sew and make stuff and always up for a challenge my fiancés aunt, Rikke, called to ask if I could make a hobby horse to her daughter. Sidsel is 12 and is riding in competition - she has been riding since she was old enough to sit on a pony. Her second love is stuffed toys. Needless to say, when Rikke accidentally shared a local hobby horse event, she got very excited. Enter: Me.

Sidsel had already all sorts of dreams of how it should look. It shouldn’t be so small like all the ones she had seen. It should be realistic. It should be red like her real life horse Laffe and it should have those big cartoony eyes. The color and eyes were most important.

I don’t go down on a challenge. I love it! So it is of course big, based on a picture of Laffe and has big eyes.

Here ridden by my mother-in-law who had the horse carrier going home to Sidsel (have in mind it’s not as big as it appears on the photos. She is holding it towards the camera so the proportions are off. It’s smaller than the real horse, but not a lot):

The real life Laffe:

A couple of process pictures:

I can’t take credit of the pattern. It was made by Baumi Horses and absolutely a great pattern. I scaled it up to double size from the original pattern but beyond that I didn’t make any changes. If you want to make a hobby horse and don’t know how to go about the pattern do get her’s. It’s well explained and has great details for how to make it a personal project.

Sadly Sidsel only got to ride him at home so far. The event was to take place last weekend but we are in lock down so she’ll have to wait with that. But then she can practice in the mean time.




I ADORE THIS. and what a fabulous challenge! her concerns would have been mine - why are they all so tiny??? too tiny! But you did a STELLAR job matching the hobby up to Laffe!

truly great work. i bet she was in dreamland!

:four_leaf_clover: :metal: :shamrock:

Wowee!! This is epic! Nice!

Beautiful job!

It would be a fun thing for any type of costume requiring a horse…they eyes are just perfect…

This is spectacular! The eyes are excellent! I’m sure she totally adores it.

This is so awesome!

This is phenomenal!


WOW!! You did an amazing job on this!

Wow, that’s big! And amazing! I’m impressed, really!

this is amazing!
And I like the pic with your helper.

I remember a hobby horse I had as a kid fondly - your take on it turned out very professional! And looks just like its namesake. Awesome job!

Laffe looks amazing! :metal:t3: This rocks!

I had ponies as a teenager and would have loved (still would, if I’m honest) a hobby version of them, especially if they were as good as this!
Hope Laffe 2 and Sidsel get to go competing soon :crossed_fingers::horse::horse::trophy:

That is SO MARVELOUS! Beautiful job - I love it!!

Congrats! You are one of this week’s featured projects! Way to be awesome!

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This is so magical! I’m sure it was a pure delight once received.

That is amazing!! What a lucky girl!

One time my choir teacher volunteered me to ride a hobby horse across a stage during a recital. I was not happy about it, and only quickly walked it across the stage with my head down. Since then I’ve had an unearned hatred of hobby horses…

But this is INCREDIBLE and really makes me reconsider my opinion of them. What a great aunt you are!

Oh that is so fab!! Great work! :sparkles: :horse: :sparkles: