A Little Exuberance

…well, maybe a lot! But this style and these colors really make me happy! I had a friend in mind who is just beating herself up over her weight loss journey. She is beautiful as she is, but, I thought since she wants this, I am going to support her the best I can!

I used words that describe her and hope that this journal will remind her when she forgets!

A few pages from the inside:


Ooh, one of my favorite color combos!
Such life and excitement!

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This is over the top awesome!!

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What a wonderful way to build your friend up and encourage her. Love the exuberant patterns and colors!

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Your friend looks like an amazing person! And you are an amazing friend to her. This rocks!

Beautiful! Uplifting colors and uplifting sentiments! You’re a great friend!

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Beautiful in every way! You’re friend is blessed to have a friend like you.

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This is so sweet and thoughtful. I am sure your friend really appreciates it and this helps her mentally when she is down.


She used to paint…I hope she gets back into it. I really think a creative outlet will help her in so many ways…it sure is my way to deal with a lot of things! Thanks!

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