A little zippered triangle pouch

I’ve always meant to make a little triangle zippered pouch, but instead tucked it away in my room of unrealized ideas. I rifle through that cobwebby space ever now and then. It’s about 3.5" on a side…

I decided to make a pouch to keep little things in for a swap and made a prototype, ok, one for me. And every rock needs a place to chill out, right?

I found this video and it was easy to follow.


Very cute. I love the fabric.

I just downloaded this pattern right before I saw your post! How fun!
How was it working with the tiny zipper? That’s my only real hang up…

It’s easy because you can work with any length zipper. You just cut it off to length after you sew the zipper in. It’s actually easier with a longer zipper because you can zip that annoying zipper pull that is so awkward to sew around, out of the way. Don’t cut the zipper until you have to. They make up nice and fast. And are so cute.

The fabric was from a baby quilt I made for my granddaughter. I love the hearts.

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Super cute! Thanks for sharing the link, too.

These were made for a swap


Oooh! I like the crazy stitching on those ones.

These are so neat!

These are cute! Lovely gifts for a swap AND for yourself!