A Meditation on Dots

I was inspired by this pin I stumbled across one day. I had a large and small wine cork, the end of a pencil eraser, and some basic black and green paint. Nothing too fancy about it. It was rather meditative to stamp out all the dots to fill in space. I decided to add the two large spots of green to give a little more visual interest. I debated whether I should fill in the black dots completely, but I rather like the texture it has being imperfect.

Here it is hanging up in my den.

Updated to show the size relative to a standard box of tissues:


So meditative

LOVE this! It’s so interesting to look at, I can see how it would be meditative to make.

Love it! The green and the imperfect stamping really do add a little something extra.

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This is so striking! I love it.

Thanks everyone! It’s really easy and I think has a really cool impact.

So cool! It looks great on your wall.

This really is cool.

That so reminds me of aboriginal art. Nicely done


Very soothing and nicely done

The two large spots of green were genius!

All the details really come together to make a great finished piece! The green, the variation among the black dots (size and coverage), the pattern you made. Is it on a stretched canvas? About how big is it?

Thanks everyone!

@TheMistressT it is sort of on stretched canvas lol. I had a large ugly framed painting that I wanted to upcycle so I stretched some basic white cotton cloth over it, stapling in the back, boom instant canvas. I did prime the base with gesso since the fabric was slightly see-through. It’s about 23" x 26".


Brilliant reuse! And wow even bigger than I thought! Even though I know good and well the the size of corks and erasers, the first pic didn’t give me as much as an understanding of the size and the second which got me curious.

Wow! I love this. It is so pretty. I love that it is so huge. I bet it commands the room with awesomeness!

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I would have shown more of the room to give a sense of scale but um…its a bit of a mess right now. I’ll try to remember to post an updated shot with something for scale.

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Gorgeous! It is so wonderful!

I love the sense of movement it has! Well done friend.

Wow, I really like it! Especially with the green added.

Looks relaxing!