A Mermaid's Tale

For the Ongoing Wish Swap, I decided to make some mermaid art for @Manders. I’ve been wanting to try a faux stained glass technique for ages and this was the perfect excuse. The black “leading” is craft vinyl cut with my Cameo machine and placed over a clear acrylic plastic base. The colors were made with clear Elmer’s glue and acrylic paint. I made my mix a bit too pigmented so in the end it doesn’t have the translucence of stained glass, alas. However, I kind of love the rich colors and swirls and dabbing the glue on was oddly satisfying.

I rested the finished piece on a bit of black matboard to see the effect…and turns out the glue wasn’t completely dry. And thus the matboard and the acrylic decided they’re in love and can never be parted. The black matboard helped amp up the colors slightly so it worked out in the end.

Close up detail:

The back after I added the last dabs of pigmented glue


It’s very pretty in person. :purple_heart: And she’s mine, muah ha ha


What a lovely piece!

I sort of remember doing something similar as a kid, but we used crunched up foil as the backing.

I really love how you are trying different things and getting such good results!


Very pretty! I may have to try this method.

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Cool technique. The mermaid is pretty.


Neat technique - thanks for explaining it as I never would have guessed how you made it! Turned out lovely!

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@Manders - so glad you like her!

Thank you - @endymion, @jeanneleigh, @gozer!

@bunny1kenobi- thank you! I hope you do try it!

@AIMR - thank you! Now I need to make a new one and try backing it with foil!


I love it, the colors are just right with that black border.
It reminds me a tiny bit of the colored sand or salt art I did as a kid (I’m fuzzy on the details, but have the mental image).

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I hadn’t thought of that, but could totally see it! I have some acrylic medium with coarse texture and you just gave me an idea for what to try with it! Thank you!

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