A Multitude of Magnets

I made 10 magnets for the recent magnet swap for my 2 partners @Lynx and @Myruka

2 snarky mixed media ones the base were random game tiles I had.

2 felt ones

A tiny painting of Van Gogh’s starry night. Parts were done with a toothpick

One drawing with colored pencil. The theme was audiobooks.

And 4 using alcohol markers


I love the diversity of styles and mediums. They’re all fantastic! Though snark will always be close to my heart.

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I love all of these. Your snarky stuff makes me laugh every time. The felt was so neatly done. The Van Gogh is incredible! You really captured Starry Night. And I absolutely love it when you draw! The books are amazing, the Lettuce is fantastic, I’m going to steal that corgi!, and the Popple is giving serious side eye attitude. Ha! And your pumpkin is adorable. I hope you draw more this year. You are so good at it!

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These are awesome! You do snark so well.

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Your drawings are fabulous! I dig that little palette and the Starry Night is outstanding!

But that snark… It’s beyond perfect!

My mind is totally blown by the tiny Starry Night. Also loving the audiobooks and lettuce craft ones!

I love mine so much!! Thank you for asking me to swap with you :grin:

The first 2 quotes are perfection!

I love all of these, but I gotta say I love the corgi (because CORGI!) and the paint palette ones especially. Something about the tiny paint splotches triggers the miniature-loving part of my brain!