A New Assemblage

I have spent my weekend with my brain on overload thinking of cool things I can add to a future art class curriculum. On of the things that’s been on my list for ages is inspired by @geekgirl’s amazing assemblage pieces!

Today, I explored tacky glue and was pleased it worked!

Try to guess some of the finds!

My favorite is the top of a new bar of deodorant! :rofl:

Geekgirl, one day, dozens of kids will be inspired by you like I have been.


Ooh I love this

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That came out amazing!

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This is so cool! I am always left in a state of wonder on how painting these assemblages totally changes them - making the viewer focus on the shapes and textures, not the colors and sheens.

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I love the before and after. What a transformation. I love this. I’ve copied this technique before. It’s so fun to transform ordinary bits into art.

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Agreed! The inspiration lives on.
What a cool transformation, it’s just really, really neat-o.


Awesome! I like how you have some of the pieces hanging over the edge.

I showed my niece how to do this when she was 13 and she really enjoyed it.

It looks great!
And I bet your future art classes will have loads of fun making similar works of art!