A new cactus

I posted my first ceramic cactus babies, but I wanted a new post for this one. I made some tweaks to the design, and we got a new glaze in the studio that I think was perfect for the project.


That glaze is perfect. It looks just like a real cactus. I also love the container the subtle lines and the blue stitches around the rim look fantastic with the cactus. Well done.

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It’s so realistic :heart_eyes_cat:

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That looks really lovely! Beautiful work :cactus:

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Wow, this is incredible!

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That glaze is great!

That glaze is beautiful!


Wait, the cactus is ceramic!?! :astonished:

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From the pic I assumed the project you were posting was just the pot. That cactus looks amazingly real.

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Terrific cactus and pot!

That’s not a real cactus? Wow, you’re good!!

I love this so much. The matte finish on the cactus is spot on.

It seriously looks real. Love the glaze.

Thanks! Yeah, I really lucked out with the glaze. The glaze I didn’t know I needed just showed up in the studio. Here it is after it was bisqued but before glazing–it’s the one in the back.
The one on the left might be really interesting, but I might not know for a few months. I put it on the slow boat to China… aka the firing shelf for the gas kiln. That doesn’t get fired too often. There was another matte green glaze that has to be fired that way, so I thought I’d give it a try. I hope I don’t forget her in the meantime!

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I love them!

It must be so tricky to paint the glaze everywhere except those teeny spikes. You are a masterful potter!

It must be so tricky to paint the glaze everywhere except those teeny spikes.

And this is why this site is so great. We can share process as well as finished product, and learn from each other!
So. The tricky painting was only ON those teeny spikes. I used a small paintbrush to apply wax to the spines. Then, I dunked the cactus in a bucket of the glaze. The wax repels the glaze, and burns off in the kiln. There are lots of other ways to use wax to get various designs and effects in dipped or brushed-on glaze.