A pink assortment and a pink assemblage (last photo)

My Fill A Box partner loves pink, so I put together an assortment of pink goodies.

First up is a set of notecards printed in pink on purple paper using a block stamp I carved earlier.

Next, some mini envelopes and a reversible posi5 positive affirmation sign.

Finally, I made an assemblage piece and painted it in pink to see how that would look.

Honestly, I liked it better unpainted, or if I painted it in a different coIor like usual, but hey, it’s paint, so if she also doesn’t like it that color she can repaint!


So much pinky pinkness!

Running off to look up what a “posi5” is!

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I love this! :hearts:

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Ha! Word completion failure…again

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I am in love with the cards!

What a pink bonanza!

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Turns out Posi 5 is flashcards, so I thought it was definitely something art-teachery!

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Those cards are fantastic!! The assemblage is full of interesting bits!