A plant that will never die

Since quarantine I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home. I didn’t have a home office so I slowly transformed the spare room (that was essentially our storage room for random junk) into my office. I participate in a lot of zoom calls now for work, and my background has slowly become a point of annoyance because it was so blank and bland. I want to bring in more plants, but the top of the bookshelf is too high for me to reach to water. So I thought about buying a fake plant. But I couldn’t go through with it - those suckers are expensive for a nice one! Instead, I decided to try the DIY route.

This is made from an ugly piece of fabric (pink flowers on a cream background) that I dyed green, sewn into rough stalk/leaf shapes and then stuffed with cereal board (my original thought was to use wire but I didn’t have enough), and then hot glued to a big piece of foil that is then stuffed into the pot. Completely made from stash - love it! Now I just need to decide if it looks realistic enough on my zoom calls, or if it needs a ilttle further detailing with some darker green paint for some patterning of the leaves akin to a snake plant probably.

(Special appearance by an awesome felted plant that @PerfectlyBohemian made me!)


It looks fantastic!

That is so cute!!! And high up or not, it’d probably be the best type of plant for me; I ALWAYS forget to water the poor things!

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What a cool idea to not only use up some fabric you wouldn’t otherwise use, but also to decorate! Lovely!

You’re too clever :smiley:
I love how you made it completely from stash - and upcycled the cereal cardboard :slight_smile:

You’ll have to give it a scientific name now :wink:

Thanks everyone! It was definitely satisfying to be able to pull this all together from stash :smiley:

A plant made totally from stash? Amazing! I love your faux plant :smiley:

looks unreal, way better than the store faux plants and from a distance looks real :heart_eyes:

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I love it! (Stares at stash and waits for inspiration to strike)

Definitely fooled me! Love that you dyed the fabric…no trace of those pink flowers! :wink:

So clever!!!

You coulda fooled me! Love it!!!

This is so rad!

What a really cool idea! It looks real enough on the zoomed out picture to me!

So cool!

Congrats! Your Plant that Will Never Die is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

Cereal cardboard: even better than duct tape…
…though generally used for entirely different purposes.

Lovely plant. I’d leave it as is so people can wonder if it’s real.

This is brilliant! I might be able to get some plants in here if I do something like this! We lack a particular combination of sunlight near places to set a plant and a species of plant that totally takes care of itself.

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So cool, very clever! I’m thinking of replacing all my plant at the office once they die to a fake plants instead. :heart_eyes:

Sheep, this came out so perfect! I really could have been fooled if you didn’t say anything about making it… and I own over a hundred plants, soooo I would say that’s impressive :wink:

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