A Plethora of Pyramid Bags

When I visit my mom for Christmas, we have a tradition of playing Michigan Rummy after Christmas dinner (after Easter dinner, too, if I happen to be there). My family has played it together (we used to play it at my grandma’s all the time) for as long as I can remember. My aunt and uncle made a table-sized board and it’s a family heirloom, now. When we played when we were kids, we used to play with pennies, but now we play with dimes. My mom also often hauls out the board when she has company, and people know to bring their dimes! A few years ago, I made my mom and my aunt pyramid bags for them to keep their money in (much nicer than a zip top baggie). Then, last year, I made one for a cousin (and one for myself), but I realized this year how huge those two were compared to the originals. So,when I knew we were playing again after Christmas dinner, I decided to make small ones for my mom’s friend and cousin. I made these on Christmas morning- they were pretty quick to make, and I used supplies from my mom’s stash.


They were so cute and tiny, but the perfect size for holding a bunch of dimes. I used pieces of the zippers (I had to cut them down to size) to make little grab tags on each bag.

Then, I decided that I needed a smaller one, too, so I made a third one after Christmas:

These worked up quickly because they don’t have hidden seams- they just have a zig-zag finish. The original ones I made a few years back had the seams hidden inside the lining, but I didn’t find that tutorial again until I was finished with these three. But, for their intended purpose, it doesn’t matter.


So cute…and yes, perfect size for coin holders…

Nice way to bust stash as well…bet everyone in the family will want a few of them!

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Those look great! I especially like the tiny one - way to find a useful way to use up scraps!

(And all that talk of rummy brought back a lot of memories of summer vacations with my grandma and her cousins. No money changed hands during our games, but they may have just been going easy on the kids.)

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These are so cute! And what a great little reminder of your time together every time you play.

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These would make great dice bags too!

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They turned out great…and they super useful for storing tiny things :slight_smile:
I love that you reused part of zippers to make grab tags. So awesome!

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They absolutely would make great dice bags. And, the size is easy to change- the rectangle is X for the height, 2X for the length. The smallest ones started with a 4” X 8” rectangle, and the one I made for myself started with a 5” X 10” rectangle.

And, I hate tossing the extra bit of zipper if I have to trim it, so the little tab makes me happy!


Traditions can be so much fun, and that you are able to add a special touch of handmade to it it’s wonderful. I think the bags look awesome


I’m tempted to make a bunch for my mom so she can hand them out as “party favors” to anyone new who plays the game!


These are so cute, that’s a great idea!

What a great tradition made even better! The little grabby loop is a good idea, too.