A Positivity Reel

As part of the Positive Affirmations swap, I made a Positivity Reel for my partner, @kittykill. I had an old film reel that’s been lying around forever and it proved the perfect base for a rotating affirmations set-up.

The reel has a nut on the back that can be undone so the message wheel can be taken apart and the wheels switched.

I used a flat head screw to secure it so it could be hidden with a little magnet. I made three different magnets that can be interchanged.

Here’s the inside of the reel. I glued a small plastic separator to make space for the message reels.

And here’s the entire piece disassembled. (Image hidden because message wheel 2 is filled with sweary affirmations).

The message wheels were done with watercolor and I used some metallic watercolors for accent.

Sweary affirmations!

A bit of sparkle from those metallic watercolors.

The reels before I painted them:


This is ingenious! I love that you included both PG affirmations and sweary affirmations. Your art work and lettering is wonderful.


So clever and cheery! I love that you can change it up. The sun magnet may be my favorite thing, and some of the affirmations are very funny, too.

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How innovative! Must be fun to play with!

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Brilliant idea and execution. Your artwork and colors are so cheerful.

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This is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. I love the interchangeability and customization. Your painting is excellent and the affirmations are perfect! Just all around awesome.

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AwwwMazing! You outdid yourself with this incredible, ingenious, thoughtful creation.

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This is sooooo coooool. The upcycling! The watercolors! The variety of affirmations!

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Love the innovation and creativity behind this. Your drawings are absolutely whimsical and amazing. Just seeing them would brighten any day. The sunshine was my favorite magnet piece. It looks so shy, yet eager to brighten your world.

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Beautiful, creative, and definitely uplifting!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone!

I absolutely love it! It is so fun, colorful and clever! It is fabulous!


Congratulations! :tada: :tada: :tada:
Your amazing (and sweary :joy:) craft is a Featured Project! Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us!

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Thank you!!!

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This is awesome. and leave it to a crafter to have an old film reel laying around!

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Thanks! The film reel was actually from another crafter (sent as an extra). Sheepblue maybe? It’s been years. I still have the film case and an extra reel so more crafty possibilities lay ahead.

You know what’s funny? I think I may have sent Pam an old film reel case one time, lol.

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Hah, there are reels just floating around the craft community.