A Quartet of Decorated Pour Paintings

For this year’s Santa Sack swap, I got out my acrylic pour painting supplies and went to work.

Based on something from my partner’s pinterest, I created these - my favorite.

Next, I created a Grinch inspired piece that was also the same design I put on her sack.

Lastly, I painted over my pour for a reverse positive-negative space for this interesting silhouette-ish Santa.

These are all 5x7 inches.

Thanks for looking.


The reverse pour painting is a great idea! I love how the paint pour shows underneath…almost like reverse applique with fabrics! The snowmen are cute…I like that you added dots to make more snow!

Oooh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the reserve paint pour idea. Clever! Your snowmen look so joyful, and those colors are so pretty.

Thanks @aimr and @endymion. It was absolutely gorgeous before I covered it it up, but at least some of it still shines through! It’s a fun technique. I did something similar with Marbeled Hummingbirds a while ago which gave me this idea.

I love those snowmen! The pour paint looks like the Northern Lights and it’s a beautiful effect.

Creative work! lovely :heart_eyes:

Shows how bad my memory is! The hummingbird project is great, too!

Wow, these are great!
I really like the last one…. So unique!

They are all so fun - I really love the snow-people look like they’re dancing under the Aurora Borealis!

I just love those little snowmen!! They’re dancing in the snow! :smile:

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Those snowmen are super cute!!!

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