A quilt 25+ years in the making

It’s… done! It’s finally done! But only because I have the greatest, kindest, most amazing friend of all time. Because, you see, I did the quilt top. SHE QUILTED IT FOR ME! In two weeks! It took me 25+ years to get off my hind end and finish machine quilting the top, and she hand quilted and finished it for me in TWO WEEKS. Behold!

And she even added an amazing detail…

Check out the hand stitching!

This is what I did, just the top sewn together…

It’s not perfect (my part, the quilt piecing, hers is perfect!) but I love it! I looked around to try to figure out exactly when I started it, but that would have been… 1995? 1996? Sometime around then, before digital cameras were everywhere so it’s not like I have a bunch of pictures of it. But I did find some pictures from 2013 when I had the hairbrained thought that I would finish it as part of a craftalong at the site-that-shall-not-be-named!


In Box

In its box!


I’d finished the center but all the edge bits were unattached.


The edge pieces weren’t finished… I must have done some work on it around this time, because when I went to finish it after she offered to quilt it, I only had TWO SEAMS lefts to sew. TWO SEAMS! And, you know, the quilting part.

I am so happy. Now, on to more UFOs!


It’s lovely, I can feel your exuberance through the interwebz and I’m rejoicing with you. Congratulations!

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A very happy collaboration! It looks great! I think you owe your friend a nice lunch!

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Wow, what great vintage fabric! :smiley:
Gawjus quilt, congratulations!


Huzzah huzzah!!!

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What a kind and generous friend to share her time and skills! Congratulations on completing this quilt - it’s beautiful! Finishing any quilt is quite the accomplishment, but finishing one that was over 25 years in the making? Now that’s an ACCOMPLISHMENT!


Congratulations on finishing such a huge UFO!

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Hurray! Congrats! I love the contrast of the dark and light fabrics. What a good friend to have. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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YES! Congratulations! It’s a beaut! Sometimes it takes a village (of two) to finish a quilt. YAHOO for great friends!

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Congrats! Your quilt is one if this week’s featured projects. You rock!

I love your quilt! It’s beautiful… and what a great collaboration with your friend.

Can’t believe you only had two seams left when you put it away. It’s cool that you were able to pull it out of UFO limbo.

Wow that is a beautiful quilt. I bet you feel insanely proud to have it done every time you see it. The colors are beautiful. You also took me down memory lane to when I had to take pics with my camera and pull out the memory card and download them to post. Ah, those were the good old days. Ha!

Gorgeous work!