A Rainbow of Friendship

The last few weeks have been made a little better and brighter by doing this color project with one of my besties! So, I wanted to commemorate the project AND our friendship with a box card and I knew the rainbow svg files I had would be JUST THE ONE!


The rainbow itself includes almost all the colors we did in our photos, only pink was missing.

I added reference to our black-and-white pics with the side panels and the metallic pics with the silver front panel.


I fit pink in with the sentiment panel!

We’re going to keep going with our photos and are working on various themes and such as we go!

It may have taken nearly 2 weeks to get to her, but it finally did. Ya’ can’t quarantine friendship!


Lovely! It’s true- friends are friends no matter how far! Or how locked down! :grin:

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Very pretty card, and the rainbow project photos were fun, too.

This is so great haha.

This is so sweet.

Thank you, friends!

So bright and happy and lovely!

The way the rainbow is layered is super cool.

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