A Real Memory pillow... No more practice!

After sewing the practice run “t shirt” pillow, I had an AHA! moment and… well, this happened.

I used to study material arts and made it to 3rd degree black belt before our studio closed. My uniform top has been hanging in a corner of my closet, but not anymore!

This technically the front of the pillow.

This is the back and my favorite part. I have stories for everything on this side.


Very well done! Great to have these memories as part of our lives instead of hiding in a box or closet.


Cool! That is such a great way to give treasured thing a new life.

What a cool way to remember your successes and fun.

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@Sifimom I couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile:

Congratulation on the level! A d so great that you were able to use something meaningful and make something memorable out of it which you can display.