A tale of 3 needlebooks

I know I’m going to look back on this and laugh! For the pin cushion/needlebook swap I had the lovely partner endymion. She mentioned that she would like to receive a needlebook and also that she liked folk art and flora/fauna/rabbits/cats. So I combined folk art with cats amd stitched up a rather adorable kitty cat on 14 count aida cloth with the LC logo and date on the back. I was so proud of myself being able to incorporate that into a needlebook. Then, disaster struck. I grabbed what I thought was my water soluble pen, drew my stitch lines on the back, and proceeded to sew this bad boy together. When I flipped it right side out and pushed out the corners I noticed a teeny tiny red spot in the corner so I wet the corner of a paper towel and started dabbing. Hoooooboy! Did that lead to a bloody, gross,pink dye stained mess! It was then a realized I grabbed a sharpie. Sigh. Several hand sanitizer and Spray ‘N’ Wash baths later there was so hope. I gave up and deemed this too unsatisfactory to send away. The carnage:

It was cute, right?!?

WRONG! (The stained edge)

The inside was cute though

So onto plan B. Pam mentioned she also liked Crafter Pride designs so I stitched up this adorable bird from Urban Threads on stiff felt lined with softer felt


So since I liked her needlebook so much I had to make one for myself. I did a digi swap with PrincessP for the Lettuce Craft embroidery design and made my own (sorta) matching needlebook

I love all the needlebooks and can’t wait to use mine!


That sinking feeling of realizing you’ve messed up your stitching irreparably is the worst! (It was cute, though.) But hey, at least you came up with a backup, which is lovely BTW! :heart:
(Also jealous of your LC needlebook - I’m awaiting my patch from PrincessP in the mail as we speak, and patience is clearly not my forte.)

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I’m so glad you sent me both needlebooks.
I love them both, and I’m glad to be able to see the adorable cat in person. I’ve already used my needlebooks , and they are so useful and handy! Thanks again!


Every one of your needle books are great!

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I agree, they are all fab. Boo on the stain!