A Wee Copper Mirror!

As part of researching gallery walls, I came upon a copper mirror and then I went looking for them. Kinda spendy, but… I had this vintage plastic frame with a mirror already cut for it, so I made my own!

After taking the mirror out, spray painted the antique gold colored frame with an aged copper spray paint. Then I stripped the mirror off the back of the glass. Well, most of it. I left a little to help give the finished project a more aged look.

After all that, I used glass cleaner to get any residue and finger prints off, then used a sheet of copper leaf.


It’s now a part of my new gallery wall. The mirror gives off a really cool glow - much better than in the pics above.

All the materials came from stash. WOOT!


I have that frame!!! I turned it into a frame for a sepia print of my cat wearing a monocle.
I’m glad it’s not a mirror-mirror anymore–ever since I had my house cleared and had to get rid of some bad mirrors, I avoid them in shops no matter how tempting.


That sounds like a perfect use for this frame! I’ve had this for years - used in the guest bath until a couple years ago, but I found another when out at the big garage sale event last weekend. Did not buy - it didn’t have a back or glass.

This one had a back, but it wasn’t that great. I think I glued the photo into the frame, then I covered the back with an oval of dark brown felt, similar to what was on the frame before I opened it up.

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Yay! More detail on that great picture wall. Love how you upgraded the mirror!

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I have that frame! it’s part of a blue themed mirrored accent wall I’m assembling.


Quick and easy mirror: dollar tree silver plastic party platter cuts with scissors!


Ooh, that glow is so cool! I can imagine it, like, winking? Across the room, eye-catching!

It’s strange in that I had the frame hung, but empty and now that the the copper mirror is in it it really seems to fill space. Even though it’s just a few square inches, the glow just has some visual impact.

What a perfect little accent for that space!

Very pretty and fits in the space like it was made to go there… um, kind of was. :crazy_face:

Oh stop it! That’s perfect!

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Aw, thanks so much!