A Wee Lantern Version of a Friend's House

One of my besties has been focusing a lot on the caretaking of her house over the last year or so - truly treating the home like a member of the family. I thought she would really appreciate a miniature version of her.

It’s not an entirely accurate replication of the actual building, but I think the spirit of Maude is pretty much caputured with colors, styles and placement of windows, major exterior details, etc.

The base is a few levels of foam core; the exposed parts finished with glitter and a but of sparkly ribbon.


The interior is cut to hold an LED tea light as well as hold the little house in place on the base.


The bottom of the base is finished with a piece of mat board, a tag/label, and little wooden beads for feet. The tag is cut from paper from a pad she gave me and the color of the beads in reminiscent of her oak floors.

I added icicles for just a bit of extra detail even though she doesn’t live where she gets them very often! Shapes of the doors, sizes of the awnings are limited by what was available in the die set (Tim Holtz Village). I used a little polyfil for smoke out of the chimney - mostly to finish off the look, since Maude’s fireplace is troublesome.


Little lighted houses like this could replace the glitter houses…so darling!

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So sweet and a wonderful gift.

so cute! I love the fangs! says the california girl.

@AIMR , you can have lights AND glitter, no need to choose!

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Fabulous! You think of the coolest gifts! She will love it!

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What a thoughtful present! I love the way you designed the interior to hold everything in place. Very cool!

Y’all are so kind. THANK YOU!

This is so incredibly thoughtful. I love the idea and now I kind of want to make my own house. The icicles and chimney smoke are a good touch. Just beautiful!

Thank you!

How delicate and sweet!

THank you!