A work-from-home sweater and some stash prevention

I worked from home quite a lot this winter. I’m lucky to have a nice home office / craft room, but it’s heated by an A/C unit, so there’s always a bit of a draught. Even though the air is warm, it still feels uncomfortable to sit in it. I would wrap up in a shawl and a poncho or a fleece blanket draped around my shoulder. It worked, but I felt a bit silly to open the door in that outfit, and I’d have to take it all off for videocalls.

So, I designed a nice work-from-home sweater that meets all the requirements but looks less silly than wearing a fleece blanket as a cloak. It’s a comfortable and relaxed fit but not oversized.

The pattern is self drafted, and the cowl is very long (12" ish) and can be rolled up or down.

I didn’t want visible darts in this fabric, but I also didn’t want to make a shapeless sweater. So there’s a small pleat on each side as a dart equivalent. They’re barely visible but make a big difference.

I finished this in winter and have worn it so many times already. In my workplace, we’d typically not wear this around the office but sweaters are fine on Zoom meetings.

I had some fabric left over, so I went through my stash of old patterns and found a skirt pattern that I also drafted myself, but years ago. I added an elastic waistband, the elastic came from stash. I had to get a little bit creative but I just about managed to cut the pattern pieces out of the remaining fabric, there wasn’t much left of it afterwards. I finished this skirt a while back, as well, but it didn’t get hemmed until today.

There are darts on the front and the back, and they’re less visible than I feared they would be:

Honestly, I’m not really sure if I’m going to wear that skirt a lot. The shops are full of co-ords these day but this is way too much purple to wear together :laughing: The knit fabric feels more like something to wear around the house than outside of the house. But I can picture maybe wearing it with a grey or black sweater. And if I had put it back into the stash bin, we all know it would still have been there in a decade. So having a skirt you’re not sure about is always better than that.


I would definitely wear that skirt! With some black tights and cute booties, it would be a lovely outfit to wear out.

The top also looks so versatile. Black pants would make it look like posh apres ski wear!


I love that color! I would absolutely wear either of these! And I agree with @AIMR about the tights and booties with the skirt. Way cute.


It’s really lovely, the colour is fab

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Such a perfect solution to chilly WFH video meetings! I love them both. TheMisterT has a few articles of clothing hung in his home office to put on for when he has to be on camera, too.

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Thanks everyone!

@Bunny1kenobi I’ll try that out next winter! The fabric looks very sweater-ish to me and not skirt-ish, but maybe that’s just because I know. With the elastic waistband and the stretchy knit fabric it’s certainly a very comfortable skirt.

@Edel I love all things purple! :heart_decoration: In highschool I dyed my hair this exact colour for a while.

Both pieces are adorable! The sweater looks so cozy, especially in a cabled knit.

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Such a cozy, lovely sweater and skirt!

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Love that sweater! The cowl especially gives off extra cozy vibes.


They look great and cozy. I love the monochromatic look, too. I’d wear them together!

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I wear my robe at our house because it gets so cold when I work from home. I have the same problem with needing to take it off during calls. Maybe I need one of these too!

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