About cotton batting - Making bowl cozies and I'm having issues!

I am completely new to quilting and the use of batting so… yeah.

I’m trying my hand at bowl cozies. I bought the cotton fabric, cotton thread and batting. I understand the process and steps.

My issue is birthing the cozie towards the end. I think my batting is too heavy. The tutorial I followed said to leave a 2" gap to birth, but I struggle to do so with 3".

Is this an issue with the batting or with me? :wink: Suggestions?

The batting I’m using is…

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The trick to turning those is to push the opposite corner through first. Be careful when looking at tutorials, because many are using very thin cotton batting and using two layers. You really don’t need any special batting as long as it is 100% cotton and has no scrim. I do use the wrap and zap.


Using one layer of wrap and zap would make this process so much easier.

Thanks, AIMR! :slight_smile:

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So then you you only shape the “lining” fabric with no batting? Where are you leaving your gap? It should be between a dart and a corner…

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Yeah, I was thinking of just shaping the lining piece.

I have been leaving the gap between the dart and corner

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Sounds like you are doing good! Now I want to make a few more…we use them for hot and cold foods…


@FrankenCher any advice you can give?

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It’s not you or the batting. I use the same batting. Those things just get bulky, and are hard to turn.
I give myself as large a gap, as I think I can reasonably manage to get sewn back together again after I birth it. 2 inches is hardly anything to try to pull all that batting through, so I think you did right by yourself to give a bigger gap, so by my understanding, I think you are doing it just right! <3


What is “wrap and zap”?? Sounds like some form of wizardry! :wink:

It is overpriced cotton batting that was marketed for such projects as microwave potato bag, microwave bowls, etc. It even says right on the package “Not fireproof”…it is just conveniently packaged … I bought into the hype but now I just use 100% cotton batting with no scrim for such projects…it is wizardry…the wizardry of marketing :wink:


Thanks for the answer!! :slight_smile:

The wizardry of marketing has sold a lot of overpriced stuff!!
Shamwow - it’s just wool felt which has always been super absorbent! :wink:

I have a potato bag that I purchased but have been wanting to make one that is slightly larger and has a better flap as well as having cotton batting. Mine has polyester batting. It works and I don’t know what the difference would be in the cooking. I just prefer natural fibers when possible!