Abstract Neon Affirmation Pocket Letter

After almost a decade on the old site, and few years here at our new home, @Abbeeroad and I were FINALLY partnered in the Mini Pocket Letter swap!!

I combined a few of her themes to create this mini pocket letter.

I follow her off and on in the paper and mixed media thread, so when I found neon paints, I thought she’d really like them! (They are supposed to glow under black light.) I made a masterboard with the paint, then chose my 3 favorites.

I had just purchased this cool washi tape, so added some to the cards, as well as some succulent stickers.

The quote was on her Pinterest, and also fits well with my life right now, too.

I used Posca pens to scribble space then black fineliner for the quote.

Closer ups:

I really like how it turned out!


I LOVE them!! You pegged me on the colors. And the plants. And the quote! The washi tape is pretty great, too. I clearly love it all!


These are so great! I love the fairy lights washi :star_struck:

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Pretty cool! The colors look great together!

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These are great! They really flow together and look awesome.


I love your color-blobs background, and that quote is so wonderful and so appropriate! The succulent stickers are very pretty, too.

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Love those neon backgrounds!

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