Accidental plaid wrap

This was my second attempt at weaving with a rigid heddle loom.
10dpi in a 24" ashford. Using 4ply merino.
I hadn’t planned on a plaid pattern it just became that after the first few weft colours.


I love the muted/dusty colors and it’s such an unusual, pretty plaid. Lovely!

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Great colors and beautiful drape! Lovely!

So pretty! Can’t go wrong with a plaid - intentional or accidental! :grin:

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Such a lovely accident! Really pretty.


Stunning! Do you wear these out, give as gifts, sell them, or…? I would love to see someone wearing such a treasure in the wild, what a beauty!

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This one I kept. Some I sell. Some I gift :slight_smile:

Here it is being worn as a cosy scarf at Bodnant Gardens.
It looks great with a denim jacket.


It sure does!

This is dreamy! I love the muted colors together and, well, I’m a sucker for plaid! This one hits!

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