Acorn Flour Lemon Blueberry Scones

Listen homies, this looks better than it tasted, lol. Don’t get me wrong, it was yummy and had great texture, but I could have prepped the acorns better. I also made the mistake of making this right before thanksgiving, so there were too many more delicious treats available that made these scones “meh” in comparison.

I thought I boiled the acorns and changed out the after about 1000 times until it was clear, but it was still a bit bitter. You have to do this to leach out the bitter tannins (tannens? Tannins? Idk). It smelled really good. Really oaky, and kind of like reishi mushrooms. I ended up with about 1.5 c of acorn flour and used regular flour to fill in the rest of the recipe.

Soooo, I learned from the experience, and that’s all that counts, right? Anyway, here’s another batch that I made today with regular flour only. Blueberry butterscotch, and decidedly tastier.

Precious gremlin photo for you as a bonus for making it to the end of this post.


ACORN FLOUR??? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
I didn’t know that was a thing! Sounds like a fun thing to do, though. I’ve heard you can make cattail cookies? (Not cats…)
Your cat is cute!

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Wow, what a cool experiment, acorn flour.
They look delicious!

Cool! (Any tips on acorn gathering?)

Also it never would have occurred to me to combine blueberry & butterscotch, but it sounds like something my kid would love.

@RagingSloth I have never heard of cat tail cookies! I know cat tail roots and shoots are edible, but I don’t have any near me. I’d totally try!

@thanate You can use any acorns, but the bigger ones were a lot easier to collect and shell. Acorn-bearing oaks are pretty abundant, at least where I live. Just gotta look out for ‘em! The teeny weenie varieties took a lot longer to get a smaller amount of meat, BUT I think it’s possible that the larger nuts didn’t leach the bitterness out as readily. Maybe that could be solved by chopping them up before soaking? It’d be worth trying!


So cool! Acorn flour has been on my list of wild edibles to try for ages but I’ve never wanted to spend 2 weeks making just enough for a batch of scones, lol. I am impressed you did it and wish I could taste them.

Here’s a great write up about the labour-intensive steps to get a really good, sweet batch of acorn flour and grits out of your harvest.

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I first read about acorn flour in the novel My Side of the Mountain and I’ve always wanted to try it! I don’t have a nearby oak to gather acorns from, but I’m also wondering if I could be allergic (I have a tree but allergy… not sure if these would fall into that category!). But, kudos to you for trying it out!

I had no clue there was such a thing as acorn flour. Very cool and they look yummy.

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I didn’t know you could cook with acorns / acorn flour! Everything looks really good. Thank you for the bonus cat :smile_cat:

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@Magpie That was a great read, thanks for sharing it! I think I’ll try cold leaching next time.

Blueberry butterscotch! You’re speaking my language.

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i would have read to the end even without the cat!! ha. even if that cat is super cute. acorn flour is on my list of things. to do. its the boiling and boiling and boiling of them that keeps putting me off. i will have to look into this cold leaching that you speak of…i love food projects.

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I would hesitate using the toilet tank, personally, but that is actually a really smart idea.

These look delicious!! But so much work!!!

@calluna! This feels like you!!

I WISH I had these skills! I can’t say I haven’t daydreamed about grinding flour and baking with an outdoor oven since seeing this. :grin:


No skills! Just patience lol and a tolerance for humidity in the home from all that dang boiling haha

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