Acorn Mice

I went to Pike’s Peak this summer and toured the forests surrounding the park as well. I picked up a few acorn caps I found while walking around. I saw a cute embroidery of a mouse holding an acorn made by our own @kittykill; inspired, I came up with these little guys. I used one of the acorns to make their little hats.

The background fabric is some that was given to me ages and ages ago. Glad to be able to use some of it (lol…a tiny bit, anyway!).


Adorable! :blush: :mouse:

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Love that you used the real acorn caps!

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Aww, so cute!

Gah…so freaking adorable!!

So, so sweet!

oh those are so cute!

Oh my word! So cute!!

Well aren’t these two just the cutest!

How cute is this?!?

Thanks, everyone!

I posted it on my FB page. My brother wants it now…lol. He hangs up all the stuff I send him, and, I do owe him a painting, so this will have to do until I feel inspired to paint again

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This makes me happy! They are so cute. I love the acorn hats, what a cute touch!

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They are so sweet!

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OMG this is yhe cutest, with those real acorn caps? SQUEEEE!

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Oh, my gosh, that’s fantastic!! Gorgeous work!

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Ah! This is SO cute! I love their faces!

Congrats! Your Acorn Mice Hoop is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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These are so cuuuute! :heart_eyes: Love the 3D acorn hats :heart:

Thus is adorable! I love their acorn caps and the background fabric is perfect!

Oh my goodness; this is soooo cute! And the background fabric couldn’t be more perfect.