Add 'Side Dish' to Categories/Sub-categories/Tags

I just posted my first completed project in the Food & Drink category, and this item happened to not fall under any of the category/sub-category options shown as a tag. It was a ‘side dish’ and there wasn’t the ability to choose that. Can that item be added? I do a TON of cooking, and some of my fave things are side dishes. They don’t qualify for entree status in my eyes, but that’s what I picked in order to get the topic posted.

Maybe there can be a ‘user added’ feature for that to add additional categories and they can be approved by the mods or admins?

Just spit-balling here! Thanks for listening :smile:


I was wondering this myself last night if additional tags could be added by the mods in the future for other categories. :slight_smile:

One thing that I can think of is the swaps section. I think it would be great to set up tags for galleries, active swaps and new swap theme idea. I know you’re still working on the swap section, so this may already be addressed at that time. But I think it would help keep things organized and much easier to find. A ‘new swap theme idea’ tag could be useful now so that the ideas don’t get lost on the main thread. :green_heart: :bulb:

At the current time, because our search engine is so awesome, we do not need specific tags. In the past we did because that was the only way to drive the search engine, but here-we don’t need them.

I know I am so used to tags! When I made my first post I was like, “Why can’t I add a specific word (soap)? Am I doing something wrong?”

The search is so sensitive now, we don’t need to add additional tags. Just put the word in the the title, text, wherever.


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Hi, where abouts would I make a topic for a freezer paper stenciled shirt? I didn’t make the shirt, only the stencil… Thanks!

Looking at projects from our previous home, I can see the Side Dish will probably get quite a bit of attention. I can also agree with the logic that it doesn’t quite fit entree or appetizer. I have added it as a new tag.

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Yep, Swap Mods are on it. Tags for those boards are actually already created. They are just not in use yet, so not visible in filtering views.

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Yesssss. So much this. If we know a board will get lots of projects, we agree to the logic and are okay with adding a new sub category tag. If it’s just a seldom project here and there, it might just live in Misc on that category (which is totally okay!).


ooh I’m glad you asked this, because I have a few I have made freezer paper stencils for as well, but wasn’t sure where to post :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, sweets!! You ROCK! :metal::metal::metal:

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