Adding Sleeves

I bought this dress last November on the deep discount rack. Originally it had a white background, so I over dyed it light blue, cut off the straps and the racer-back to add sleeves. Luckily it was a full maxi dress with tiers, so there was plenty of fabric for the sleeves. (Why am I always surprised how much fabric is needed for sleeves?) The neckline was a bit too low, so added the lace and fabric there. I also removed a tier because it sat right under my tummy, in the most unflattering way!

Sleeves modified from this pattern:

And a doll outfit:

Original bodice, after over-dyeing:


It turned out great! Beautiful job on the alterations.


Wow! Nice job breathing new life into a garment!

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You are a creative problem solver when it comes to making clothes wearable and more “you”.

You’ve given me a few ideas from your post that might help me save some of my own clothing…overdyeing is something I forget about…and making the outfit more flattering by adjusting the waistline…

Nice work…I bet it is lovely wearing!

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What a great transformation! I don’t think anyone would even have an inkling that this dress started off totally different.

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Thanks the kind comments!

I’ve had a few fails/surprises overdyeing. Blue and yellow makes green, but neon green?!?

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Wow! Awesome re-work!! You are a master tailor.

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Thank you, but at best, I’m a bumbling tailor. :smiley:

Clever save. I never could have done this!


I love your altered version of this dress. SOOOO much better than the original!

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Just so dang cool. I am in awe of anyone who can look at a thing and imagine it differently …then actually MAKE IT! Ingenious really. Fantastic work.

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Thank you!