Adult Coloring Craftalong

The coloring continues. Still working on the Mythographic Animals coloring book. This is mostly Prismacolor pencils with some of the Castle Arts for the background. I continue to fight with the paper itself because you can see it doesn’t like layers of color so, in the background for example, there’s spots where it literally won’t blend. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The paper quality is fine, but not for heavy layering and blending.


I love all the pencil work @PhoenixFireDesigns, even if the paper doesn’t want to cooperate. I’ve been stuck on a WIP of doom that I don’t even like anymore, but my brain insists I must push through and finish. There’s light at the end of the tunnel though - just a few more details to finish before I can never look at it again. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I love the I spy aspect of this coloring book!

You are really making them into show pieces…beautiful work!

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So irritating when something that’s supposed to be fun turns into a chore!

Aw, I’ve been there. Crafty wishes for a swift finish! :smile:

And of course, I HAD to make the ice cream a Dole Whip! :crazy_face: And, aw, thanks! It’s been nice just letting my brain focus on something different the past week or so.


Alright, pushed through the WIP-that-shall-not-be-named and have a finish for National Coloring Day!

It’s from Colorit’s “Colors of the Decades”.



That is epic.

Such great pages. The paper might be giving you fits @PhoenixFireDesigns but the end results are gorgeous!

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I started a page in a new coloring book. Using gelli roll moonbeam pens. That’s supposed to be a dark purple but it looks brown in the pic.


Ooh, pretty!

Started a new page the other day after not coloring for a month or so. Didn’t finish, but here’s the start anyway.


So pretty!!

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