Adult Coloring Craftalong

Were you adult coloring before it was cool? Did you pick up coloring during the pandemic? This craftalong is for any and all adult coloring activities - share your favorite supplies/books/techniques, WIPs and completed pages!

I’ll try to keep up with monthly prompts, starting with:

May Prompts:
Book: Color your hoard! Brave the white page and make a start on a book that you haven’t colored in yet.
Supplies: Branch out! Try a new supply that you’ve never used before. Lots of cardmaking/art journaling supplies can be used in coloring books too.


I’ll start with my current WIP:

This is from Colorit’s Mythical and Fantasy book, and my new technique for this one is using Distress Ink for the background.


The distress ink is a clever idea!

What did you color her face with? It looks so smooth and even.

This is the page I am currently working on. I’m using a combination of gel pen, Stabilo pen 68 (I’ve had them 6 years and they have not dried out), and some cheap markers for stash.

This was a brand new coloring book I hadn’t colored in yet.

I really like the Creative Haven series of coloring books.


I need to go through my books and pens. I love seeing everyone’s projects.

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Her face is Ohuhu alcohol markers - they’re my go to for big chunks of color.

I have a huge wishlist of Creative Haven books, they’re great. I love the mix of colors on yours!

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I’m going to find my books too and start coloring again! I actually used my gel pens this weekend on some happy mail cards. I tried to write on them and my handwriting ruined them. Lol. I wish I would have finished that calligraphy class!


:raising_hand_woman: I color!
I’ve been doing postcards, partly because their size makes them feel more approachable and partly because I like having something built in to do with the result.
I’m always torn on my medium. I like the texture look and blending of pencils, but I like the feel of coloring with pens. I also like their vibrancy, but I don’t like that I can see ink lines.

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And done!

Plus a geometric pattern that I did as a palette cleanser…no thinking, just laying down the gel pen.


That is beautiful!!

June Prompts:

Book: Let’s go the opposite way this month - work in the book you have the most finished pages in, or are the closest to completing.
Supplies: It’s Pride month! Use the supplies that you have the widest color range of.


According to Dover Books, August 2 is National Coloring Day (& they have pdf book of various free sample designs to print out if you want.)

My MIL is going to be here this weekend, so I think we’re going to print out some stuff and have a “coloring party” in hopes of giving everyone a shared activity.


And I found someone on etsy selling small non-intricate coloring things that claim to be on watercolor paper. (if so, it’s the lightest watercolor paper I’ve ever seen, but slightly better than card stock)


Unfortunate that it wasn’t what you expected, but the final results look great!

Howdy! I was directed to this craftalong after sharing a recent page I finished after years of time off from coloring.

Here’s the pic for those who didn’t see it posted elsewhere.

It’s from the book Mythographic Animals and I used Castle Arts colored pencils. I had just gotten them and wanted to try them out vs Prismacolors.


Beautiful! I love the color saturation…I really appreciate people sharing what supplies they use as you can see that you get different results…the shading/ombre is just gorgeous!


Ugh, this one was pulling teeth. I had so many times I was really unhappy with it. And even as it’s done, I’m not fully satisfied. I had problems with the yellow flowers; I had problems getting the purple to blend in the background; I had problems with the little tiny, green leaves. :roll_eyes: I wound up using gel pens in addition to Prismacolor pencils. But, eh. I pushed through to get it done, but I’m not totally happy with it. But I’m calling it done anyway.

(Part of the problem was the paper literally wore out on me so by the time I was trying to blend my background, it was actually scratching and removing color instead of blending! ARG)

Again, this is from the Mythographic Animals book and it’s a combo of Prismacolor and gel pen.


It sure turned out well…I love how you added the stars and made it more mystical by making it nighttime…such odd things in the antlers…like an I spy thing…lol…a pie?

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Yeah :rofl:It’s one of those books that has “hidden” items in each picture. But they’re so random!


Finally printed & colored @RagingSloth’s Lisa Frank plague doctor: