Advent ATCoins 2020

For the past two years, I have taken part in an Advent swap, which takes place throughout the year. Each month you swap with someone different and you swap 3 small parcels, each one containing an ATCoin (in 2019 it was a twinchie) and a small gift (some ribbon or gems or washi tape, for example) and numbered for a specific day. When received, you don’t open, but put aside until December. Then, like a traditional advent calendar, you open one parcel each day throughout December.

I did not want to share these as I made them, as I am not sure whether anyone in the group I swap with is on this site, but now that the 2020 swap is over, I can share the ATCoins I made. I made them in sets and made sure that each partner did not have duplicates from the same set for the 3 days of that month’s swap.

I called this set the medallion set, for lack of a better name :roll_eyes:

This is the music set - I found some printable sheets of Christmas hymns and reduced them down to fit

These owls and robins came from same wrapping paper and they were to cute to throw away. The glitter looked less “in your face” in real life

I had a number of different trees in my Christmas crafts box, so created a tree set

Some little signs I had already in my Christmas box and some more wrapping paper

And the words set, using some little tags from a book of Christmas images

I added the numbers to the coins just prior to sending, as I did not make all the sets at the same time.

Each day had a little bag, containing the ATCoin and gift. I found this advent calendar, containing the bags, numbered stickers and pegs in the January sale. I added the paper decoration and made the tags.

This year it is back to Twinchies. I loved creating the ATCoins, but without a 2.5" circle cutter, cutting out Twinchie backgrounds is so much easier :smiley:


Sounds like a fun swap!
And your ATCoins are beautiful!

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That sounds like a really fun swap! Those wee music note bows have me dying!

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How fun! What a great way to keep the Christmas spirit all year. They all look great but the music ones are my favorite. I really like that you curled the edges instead of trimming them off.

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Oh, I love this idea! I love all the little medallions you made, especially the music sheet ones!

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I love all the styles you came up with. This sounds like a really neat swap with a fun payoff at the end of the year!

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That is so clever! I love this idea. They are so sweet.

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Really cool! They make me want to bust out the paper crafting supplies.

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I love all the variety here! Those owls are killing me.

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These are fun and festive!

How fun! I love how you made them all so different!