Adventures with polymer clay & Girl Scouts

My Girl Scouts (Brownies) are ten of the most energetic/exhausting 2nd and 3rd graders I have ever met, but they are the happiest, most focused bunch of little people when they’re crafting. You have to bring your A game to every meeting or they will eat you alive. As you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about polymer clay, but my girls far exceeded my expectations. Just look at these gems! I started them off as a group with beads. We marbled clay and wrapped it around wooden beads. Once they got some experience with working the clay and understood that you don’t needs giant gobs of clay, then I let them loose to decorate baby food jar lids. Here are some of my favorites:

My tiniest scout says these are her two cat fighting because that’s what they always do. :rofl:

More cute lids:

My daughter’s creations…because everything has to be extra with her. :unicorn:

Cupcake & hamburger:

My daughter and her bestie decided to make, “a combination of both of us”. Their friendship makes my heart so happy.

Finally, a few of our marbles beads:

I have a small army of future Lettuce Crafters!


You sure do!! Those are great!

So sweet!! :cupcake:

These are delightful! I love children’s artwork. Does the Polymer Clay stick to the lids and glass on its own? I’ve only used it to make clay pictures.

Yes, it all sticks. I was really worried about the glass, but I made sure everything was squashed down before I baked it. I can hardly wait for my girls to see their work.


That is super cute and such a fun idea! I’m definitely stealing it for our troop :slight_smile:

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They are going to be so excited!

I love these! The friendship combo is adorable, too.

@MightyMitochondria Thanks for answering my question. I’m new to clay, but I love working with it.

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Such a fun project! THey made awesome creations!

That’s adorable! I used to make poly clay gifts for all my family when I was little. Magnets for everyone! It’s clear your girls had a fantastic time working with the clay, and you’ve probably started them on their own crafty journey :wink: :heart:

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How fun!

How wonderful :smiley: So glad that they were all able to focus and make such pretty items!