Advice on repairing this piece of costume jewelry

Here is the piece in question.

This is one of my ‘business’ necklaces. I very rarely have to dress up for work so my business attire consists of some basic black and white pieces and then I add some simple, colorful jewelry like this so I look a bit less like I’m attending a funeral… :sweat_smile: I’d really like to repair it so I can keep wearing it.

Here’s some detail of the damage, it appears that it was strung on some sort of coated string with a knot made between each bead, and that coating has started to disintegrate.

It obviously needs to be re-strung, but I have no idea what material I should use. The beads themselves are plastic and have fairly large holes. Thoughts?


I like silk cord for most of them or a nylon or waxed linen but silks my preferred. They are plastic beads so don’t need the silk but I find it easiest to work with and doesn’t stretch much with time.

Just get a similar color to the beads so it hides the knotting between each. Really depends on the hole size but you can probably get a good thickness of cord like size 6, 4 or even larger.


To do it right, you would knot between beads. That’s fussy, and would drive me nuts, but if you skip it, the necklace will be shorter.

Consider using small matching or contrasting beads between the big ones to take the place of the knots.

Dental floss threaders make great beading needles.


Do you like the weight of the necklace as it is now? Adding beads will make the necklace a bit heavier and will move as a whole. The knotted beads will be lighter,move individually with a better drape. Trying to think of a visual example- you move suddenly and the whole necklace moves vs the necklace stays in position but the individual beads move. Which ever you prefer.


Depends how sharp/rough the inside of the bead is. Fishing wire is an option or strong waxed thread. Instead of knots you could add a small size seed bead as spacers or small druks/round beads. For materials see they have many pretty beads and all sorts of pinks.

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I have what looks like the perfect color jewelry cord to match your beads. I got it for a project 18 years ago, used what I needed, and have no expectations of ever needing the remaining 8 yards or so.
It’s the Beadsmith Beadstring no-stretch nylon, size 8, in a slightly coral pink.

PM me your snailing address if you want it! Free! It’ll fit in a regular envelope.


Did this ever get fixed?

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I recognize it from my office in fact :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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