Affirmations for Abandoning

Feeling small/frustrated/helpless/etc. this week. But I saw a post from the Upworthy IG feed where people were talking about the best thing a stranger had ever done for them; a lot of the comments were variations on the “said what I needed to hear/made me feel seen” theme. One was from someone who hadn’t had a lot of friends in school but came back to their locker one day to find a list of their positive qualities. Anyway, all of that sort of amalgamated in my brain as an idea to make some kind of potential pick-up to abandon in library books (current plan, at least).

These are ~2 x 3 inches; I originally planned and cut 2 x 6 bookmarks but decided I wanted 1) more volume and 2) for them to be more easily reabandonable or anonymously passed along by the finder if they didn’t “need” the message at the moment.

I stamped a couple of 12-x-12 pieces of cardstock (with a tp roll and piece of old tape runner :laughing:) and cut them in half.

A couple of very messy paint techniques and some more cutting later, I had 48 bases to play with.

The top picture is the 10 I have completed and ready for abandoning. There’s a note on the back explaining the finder can keep it/leave it there/pass it on to somebody who needs the message. I figure I’ll stick them in whatever books I check out for leisure, but I may also try to source the local school reading lists and sneak some into those titles.

This post has become a book in itself, but thanks for reading :purple_heart:. You matter.


YOU are making a difference! What a lovely project you’ve started!


This is very sweet and thoughtful! It reminds me of the Peyton Heart Project.


It would be amazing to stumble across one of these treasures. :heart:

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What a great idea! It will be so exciting to spread this message.

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You are the best for promoting positive self-esteem! I hope that each person who finds one will smile and be bolstered by your message!

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What an incredibly thoughtful project! I love that your reaction to a tough week was to lift up others!

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Finding something like this would be such a wonderful thing! Hope your feelings improve while you work on helping others.

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Thanks, everyone! Here’s hoping trusting they’ll get to whoever needs them.


I love this idea! It would have made my day to receive something like this in an unexpected way! Enjoy the abandoning process.


Thanks! I’ve got most of the first batch abandoned, so it is starting to feel more fun now that it feels like it’s ramping up.

P.S.~Welcome to Lettuce Craft!

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Thanks for the warm welcome- Have you thought of including a hashtag so people can post when they find the image? Or so someone might be motivated to do it for others?

I hadn’t really thought about a dedicated push, per se. I guess my original idea was to be fairly low-key about it, with the hope that the blurb on the back might inspire people to at least think about who might need the message. But I may think about the hashtag idea…

Yes! I always need a little pick me up and what a joy it would be to find one of these

Just wandering around Lettuce and came across this delightful thread someone left lying around :grin:

Such a fabulous, uplifting project - I feel inspired!

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I finally used up the last of these, so I made a (much simpler) second batch this weekend.