After Dusk

My first full sized painting ever, WOOOOOT!


Not as good as I hoped (extremely nervous), but man, I still like it. I think I may try to do more of these, too. I kind of like the sunset/silhouette theme, too.

Anyway, I was hunting an old drawing I had made, and came across a few canvases our son left when he moved out. So I did this on one of those. I’ll need to get more black and orange paints, though, O_o. Whoa, I used a lot on this.


Beautiful! I love the fence detail!

I often gesso over old canvases and re-use them…some of my earlier painting were terrible but I learned a lot, and now, some are under better paintings! :sweat_smile:


I’ll have to remember that. mental note to self, heh.


It looks so real!

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This is beautiful! Plus, it has a perfect Halloween vibe! :wink:


Nicely done

Orange is not at all my color, but your blending here is glorious!

Beautiful silhouette! The tree branches are exquisite.

This is beautiful!

The painting is fantastic. I love the blending in the sky and how crisp and clean the tree is. How big is it?

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I want to be kind of bummed that this isn’t one of your mini paintings, but instead I’m quite impressed!

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20x16 inches. Quite a bit larger than my minis, heh.

Trying to “learn” the right brush for the right job is so annoying, heh.


It’s absolutely stunning!

Painting over old work is what the Old Masters did as well! No shame in that.

This is really beautiful.

Wow, this is beautiful !! Just love everything about it.

That looks great, you have a real sense of composition. Nicely done with the grass on that undulating field.


Here’s the halloween ones done. :tongue:

Ah, crap. I just realized I’m not done yet…There’s a few details I need to add…:angry: Eh, I’ll wait…I’m in way too much pain right now.

Update: got the little details done.

My next tasks needs to be focusing on ravens and the moon. (I don’t think I can do round shapes, though, O_o).


Use a jar lid for round shapes…I have multiple lids that I use for any type of circle…just remember that if yo have a moon, you might have to consider some highlights in your painting for moonlight, depending on the cycle of the moon…


:bomb: Boomdiggity! Your awesome project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :boom:

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I have way too many posts, so I’m going to attempt to put all the silhouette paintings I do here. Here, only, O_o.

Anyway, here’s the sailing ship. I won’t bother sealing it at the moment, as I think it really needs something under the sail, but all in all it looks pretty good (for how shaky I am).

Also, I found what I’ll use for the watermark, my Cat with Seven Toes image. It’s a curved claw with seven marks in it.