Air dry clay ghost

Oh my word, this is so charming. Boo!

:ghost: :jack_o_lantern: :black_heart: Congratulations! Your sweet little Air Dry Clay Ghost is a Featured Project this week! :black_heart: :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:


What a cute ghost! The pink cheeks, shininess, and little swirl make me want to… eat him. Hey, he looks like the best marshmallow ever!

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Thanks for the props!

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He is so very cute!!

That is so cute! Love the expression you captured :smiley:

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Your entire design is very sweet. Love it! How did you finish it or seal it? It’s so nice and shiny. I love air-dry clay. To ship it in a flat rate box, I’d flatten the design somewhat but keep it wide enough so that he could still stand up. I think it would still be cute.

I covered it with Modge podge to seal it. It really made it shiny!

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So darn cute! Air dry clay has never looked as fabulous.