Airmail-themed Vacaction To Ireland Scrapbook

I finally finished my scrapbook from my trip to Ireland… last August. Sheesh! I had posted the blank part on the old site, but here is the finished deal! Or close enough that I’m going ahead and calling it done.

I made a box for it using this cute envelope shaped set of svg files from and fun airmail papers and embellishments. Then added some bits cut from emphemera - i.e. airline boarding passes.

I used my Bind-it-all to make the pages - doing one spread/day of the trip. I left it unbound and took only the cover and pages on our trip.


I worked on the pages some while on the trip, but finished it up at home. Getting most of the collage bits done shortly after our return. It was just the photos and final binding I didn’t get done until this week. I took photos of all the pages… but that is 45 photos, so I will just share a few here.

CompletedScrapbookCover CompletedScrapbookCoverInsideFront


Oh, hey look! I got to meet the talented, kind, and generous @Edel! And her family! She and her husband took us on a pub crawl of every pub in town! All 2 of 'em!


Some days I had more cool emphemera of more cool sites than I had room for on just two small pages, so I used some extra partial pages to add more or just punched the actual tickets, etc. to go in.

Edel and Brian were also kind enough to give us some great tips about must-sees while we drove from Dublin on the east coast to the west coast. It was definitely a bonus that we saw Bigfoot at just about every place we stopped!


I took along a set of map pin stamps I picked up a few years ago and used them to mark all the places we stopped, stayed, ate, etc. in Dublin (our first 5 days and last day) and around Ireland on the intervening 8 or 9 days. They’re folded up in the box with the finished book.


I always start one of these small format scrapbooks when we take a “real” vacation, but I rarely get so far as actually getting them done-done. So this feels like a win!


I love this! What a sweet way to remember such a memorable vacation! Epic!

#ScrapbookGoals. Honestly, 7 yearsmonths later I’d still be fretting over even getting started, so I’m extra impressed.

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What a great way to remember the trip! I have several UFOs that are trip mementos, so I am impressed that you completed yours. Looks like you had an awesome trip!

Looks like so much fun!

Thanks, friends! It feels so good to get it done!

What a great way to catalog your memories! It came out so nicely!

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This is awesome! I’m really hoping to make my own similar scrap book sooner than later. How fun, all the places and faces. Nice one.

Yay for getting it done! That’s such a great “souvenir”.


It is always a little thrill when I find a project for my Bind-it-all!

This is great! I love that Mr Tayto is actually in it :laughing: I’ve only managed to make a holiday scrapbook once but I try to at least take notes in my bullet journal every day so I remember each day and it doesn’t all turn into a giant holiday blur.

Goooooorgrous scrapbooking!!! You make me want to start again!

I love this with a deep, abiding feeling. The endless, happy smiles. All the adventures. I love you handwrote!! All the tickets and paper bits!!!

sigh really, really wonderful
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What a beautiful way to remember such a lovely trip. Wonderfully done!

THANKS, pals!

@Immaculata the notion of bullet journals helped me this time. Even if I didn’t get to work on my collaging, I made sure to sit down almost every day to write the highlights of that day on the appropriate page. That made it so much easier to got back to my growing stack of ephemera to decorate the pages when I had a few mins on the trip and, mostly, when I got home. I will definitely use that method again and I have been practicing taking more time with my writing so that it is neater, too.

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This is friggin’ AWE-SOME!!! Wow! It is fabulous.

That looks fun and manageable, even with 40+ pages. That’s a scrapbook I would consider doing. It’s great that you were able to collect so much memorabilia from your trip and not just the photos. I really like that you have it all inside a tidy fun box, too.

Thanks, y’all!

@irid3sc3nt I think it helped me rein myself in and also seek out brochures, etc. at each place we visited having set myself these page-a-day (with room for more) boundaries. The box is what started this whole thing!

You have inspired me to make one if I ever leave the country. Some day, hopefully.

I hope you do!