Alcohol Ink and Stamped inchies

While we not-so patiently waited for our new awesome home to open here, we started an inchie swap on Discord.

I was having so much fun with the alcohol ink kit @geekgirl sent me for the Mini 12 Days of Christmas swap, that I made a large inked masterboard that I used for backgrounds.

The first set is a “bloom of jellyfish” for non-other than @Reinikka. I actually hand-carved the stamp I uses to stamp her inchies! The easter egg looking background stamp was also carved by me ages ago.

For @endymion, I did two themes: birds and repetitive nature.

For birds, the mostly black one was a stamp I carved years ago. Then, a puffin and hummingbird stamp hand-carved by @AlishaMisha. The robin is a cling stamp. They didn’t stand out just stamped, so I filled them in, too!

For nature, I uses cling stamps @Magpie sent me at one point last year.

Thanks for looking!


I like your ‘bloom of jellyfish’! the background lines of the 2nd and 3rd ones in the first column really stand out, and I really like that wavy one in the 3rd column.

They look great!

There’s the puffin, again!!

yay, inchies! :slight_smile: The little birdies are my favs! :slight_smile: :bird:

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I love my jellies! :grin::heart::kissing_heart:

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So many cool invites, great job with them all!!!

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It is so cool for me after all these years of carving to see stamps I made be turned into art by someone else. It is also neat to see the same stamp used in different ways. Thank you for the tag! I love all of these! Awesome job!


I adore that puffin inchie :slight_smile:

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The puffin is one of my favorites, too.

Neat! The puffin is my favorite.

It is SO COOL seeing all the different things people do with masterboards and stamps, and inchies for that matter. Endless creativity.