Alcohol Ink Jewelry, Stamped ART earrings, and a charmed snowflake!

Apparently, I need to go back to work and stop getting snow days or I am going to be swimming in jewelry. It reminds me of one of @endymion’s prompts in the Small Batch Ornament Swap asking if we make duplicates of something.

The answer is yes.

Because I can buy these charm blanks ans earring findings in bulk on Amazon, I am just going to town.

I love how the alcohol ink turns into a masterboard and tiny surprise art when punched out into this miniscule 1/2" circle punch.

I think I already shared one of the pairs of the alcohol ink earrings in a different post, so I’m gonna skip it (even though I think it’s in this collage.) Actually, I only talked about it in the Snapshot thread, so I will share here.

What is fun about this is that they coordinate well, but are not exact matches. It was a little hard to decided which to be the necklace statement piece, but ultimately, I decided the earrings paired best this way.

I love the glimmery surprise in this one!

Not my favorite color, but it would definitely speak to someone else!


So pretty…and a little moody…but in a good way!


Snowflake charms I had laying around.



How about some stamped ART?

Obsessed? Yep.
Thanks for looking.


Now that you mentioned it, some of them do like those old mood rings we had!

I love the little snowflakes…simple jewelry is easy to wear all the time!

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They are stunning especially the nebula ones. Very nice

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I love the backgrounds of your earrings. Have you ever tried this method on fabric? I saw an article in a magazine one that used strips of silk (or maybe it wasn’t silk, but something similar. I can’t remember) cut to shawl or scarf size. They colored in areas on the scarf with sharpies, and then sprayed with a water and rubbing alcohol mixture to create something similar to your awesomeness.


Great jewelry! The one with the prominent green is my favorite. Yes, you seem to be making lots of multiples!

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Very pretty! I’ve made similar pendants using nail polish. They didn’t have the same masterboard effect though.

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The second one down looks like leaves and flowers. It’s my favorite and very pretty.