Aldi inspired bags (not a sponsor)

I made these two bags for the Make a Pouch and Fill it Swap.
I love the ALDI logo color scheme. The pretty blue and graduated rainbow is so pleasing to me. I pass by the warehouse daily and it always makes me happy.
Since I knew I wanted to crochet my piece I wanted to use a relatively simple pattern and stitch to highlight the colors so I decided on the linen stitch. Plus it stitched up pretty tightly so that there wouldn’t be a lot of spaces in the weave.
The square purse is probably 7x7 ish with a button enclosure. The strap will probably stretch but I think it was about 12 inches?
The dice bag was simple enough but I ran out of the baby blue for the base so went with the darker blue. I wonder how the dice will roll on the bumpy surface though??
No pattern were used.

Overall, I really liked the look of the color scheme and how they turned out.

Thanks for looking!


Those are fun! It is a very happy color scheme, too.


The colors you used really showcase the linen stitch. I love the bag so much. The dice bag is such a cool/cute idea. It’s amazing for winging it without a pattern!

P.S. It’s too bad Aldi didn’t sponsor you. Free groceries is always good. :wink:

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Love it! I definitely see the Aldi inspiration, without it looking like an Aldi product.

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I’ll admit, I had to look up the logo. These are both very neat. The colors are bright and fun and the stitching is fantastic.

I would never have put this together with that logo but you’re right, it perfectly reflects the colours. Much nicer combo though, it really looks great. Almost electric somehow

These are very cheery and cute! And I’ve never even seen an Aldi.

Love the stitch you picked!

For the dice bag, you can always cut a piece of felt or even cardboard for rolling…I would use it to hold jewelry…just love the closures, too!

These are so fun. I agree, the stitch really shows off the colors nicely!!

These came out so great! I love your color scheme, and the fact that you made coordinating pieces.

:fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :sparkles: Yay! This fall-tastic project is featured this week! :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :sparkles:

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Nice! Thank you!

This is a very pretty cool scheme. It’s so cool that you sent two matching pouches!

these are great!
I can’t imagine trying to craft them without a pattern-- well done!