All my far!

I figured that I would just make one thread for all of these instead of a bunch. I will have a separate one for the jewelry ones though.

I use ClearCast 7050 for my resin for anyone curious. From the Resin Epoxy Store. Easy to use, non-toxic, uv resistant, and food safe when cured.


Wow, cool! Do you add the glitter or does the resin come that way?

Wow! You have been busy!! Resin is one of those things I’d really like to do.

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I would love to try something like this, it looks awesome :clap:

I add in all the glitter and colors. Resin is clear to start with. It is very fun coming up with different combinations of things. I just have a lot of glitter and sparkly things in my stash so I’m trying to make use of them!

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This is impressive! Love the variety of colors and objects!

So impressed!

So much fun. I especially like the paw prints in the first picture, they look like chocolates :slight_smile: