All this sweary business

Previously unposted sweary swap items. I guess I just kept these on the quiet side rather than Eff Bombing all over the place.
Eff bomb hanging

Eff bomb badge

Sweary mugrug & coaster set

Enjoy! LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh man. These are all great but I LOVE the first one! Great stitchy piecing and the contrast with the words is perfection.

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Coarse language in the context of skilled and sedate crafts never gets old!


I love the F bomb cross stitch. Juxtaposition and all that $h!t…

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The stitching around the last two β€œfeels” like what yelling the F word feels like! Very intense and frenzied! Love it!

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Absolutely LOVE the first one. I need beautiful art with this sentiment in my life.

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The first one went to our miss kitty a while ago when she needed some sweary energy in her life. I have a feeling it’s still appropriate!

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I read ELF bombing at first and was confused. :joy: Love the kitty-ish one!

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