Almost Completed: Boho Necklace

The beads are strung on silk sari ribbon which I dyed.
Most of the beads are needle felted and then wet felted. Some are embellished with beads and/or embroidery floss.
There are two metal wire beads.
The focal bead is a wire armature over which I fulled the resist turquoise prefelt that I had made.


That’s a very interesting necklace. I like the seed bead dots and the stitches on the focal bead.

Oooh, lovely necklace! While I love the whole thing I feel the urge to make lots of round ones and dot those with seed beads, that’s my absolute favourite here.

Fascinating! I love the mix of textures and techniques. Well done.

The textures are so wonderful. Beautiful work!

Thank you very much!! I still need to create the clasp which will probably be wire and chain.

I did a similar necklace a couple of months ago, different focal bead.

I still trying to master covering the wire armatures that make up the focal beads.

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They are both so very beautiful. I love reading about your process too, what interesting stories!

Gorgeous necklaces! What an interesting mix of textures and colors.

I love felt/fabric beads, and I’ve wanted to try making my own for so long, I really love your focal beads, they are really pretty and well put together :smiley:

These are absolutely gorgeous! All the texture is so exciting - I just want to reach out and touch all the beads so badly :stuck_out_tongue: :joy: