Aloo Paratha

Finally tried my hand at this, and I am still horrible stuffing breads…Yeeesh! Heh!

Here’s the recipe that I used for the dough. (Although, I did add 1/2 tsp baking powder to make them a tad softer.

For the potatoes, I just added some butter, and well ground up green onion and parsley. along with salt and pepper, of course.

Flavor wise, I bet this would be good with roast pork or beef. By itself, it’s a bit bland, but I can easily see a lot of uses for it. And, it’s not that hard to make, either. Makes four parathas, and each one is definitely a good size for each person.

While I have my counter cleaned, I think I’m going to try to get a pork shoulder, and make some more. I really want to try it with something. :thinking:


Looks good!

I had no idea that these were pretty easy to make! Looks yummy!

I think what makes them easier is I didn’t make a lot, like I do with the gorditas. So I didn’t stay in position for long.

Forgot I had chicken breasts in the freezer. quickly roasted one (and I am totally floored I was able to cook it so fast, :no_mouth:).

still a little bland, but that’s cooks error. however, it does taste a lot better. Ooooh, I will definitely have to make this more often.


Oooo, YUMMY!

This looks amazing! You’re so adventurous!

Just finished off the last one a while ago, and boy, it’s really good. The tortilla like flavor, with the taters, and the stew…Definitely going to make this again…Hopefully soon.


I love seeing your culinary creations! This does look tasty!