Altered Coffee Filters

This was an interesting concept. The prompt was to make decorated coffee filters using cone #4 shape and decorate them as tuck pockets for someone to add to their junk journal.
the 3 requirements were the size/shape, that you had to include stitching, and a doily.

I’ve used a lot of random household items to make art and using coffee filters never occurred to me.

I stenciled on the filter, stiched, added book pages, doily and an embellishment. then stenciled a tag to go into each.


Those coffee filters are great! What a good idea!

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What a fun idea! I gave up coffee, so I think I have some of those that could be used up. You also made me think about the brown paper sandwich bags I have (trying to get away plastic baggies). They could be used similarly.

I like how you incorporated all of the required elements, too. Great layering of so many elements without making it look overdone.


Oh, coffee filters are such a clever idea. I like how the tags coordinate with their filter pockets without being super matchy-matchy.

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so pretty!

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