Altered Puzzle Pieces?

I’ve been thinking about altered puzzles - I found 2 of the ones I started years ago.

You send your 2 or 3 pieces to your partner and they send back completed decorated pieces in your theme.

From the old site:

And @geekgirl just posted this:

Let me know what you think. Thanks.


I was the lucky recipient of one of @sheepblue 's altered puzzles in a swap. It is amazing!

I really enjoyed that swap and finished the one where I received all of my puzzle pieces back. I sent a few out as well and loved the challenge of such a small piece.

I would probably only use the pieces for embellishments now…a swap with random puzzle pieces for that use would be something I would join.

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I would be interested. I have a 12 piece Melissa & Doug wooden puzzle that was completed in a swap and is hanging on my craft wall.

I would also be up for random puzzle pieces.


The puzzle swaps were always fun. And you can pick up wooden puzzles at thrift stores. See the fun hanging on my craft room wall. I think this was the result of 3 different swaps. The top was the 4 elements and the other was rainbow themed of course.


Those are beautiful!!!

Good! And those puzzles are fab.

Let me think about timing and I’ll post it soon.

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I just bought a 100-piece blank puzzle for my preschool. Hoping I can get each child to decorate a piece and almost enough pieces for the staff members. We’ll see if this is works out the way I am imagining.


Oh, be still my OCD heart! The pieces are numbered!!


What a find. and what fun. Tip: Lightly sand the top of the pieces with fairly fine sandpaper and prime.The shiny finish is hard to draw on, paint, or glue on sometimes. You might want to test first so you don’t have frustrated kiddos.

I always primed and numbered my pieces before sending out and traced a master on a piece of paper. Sometimes you can simply turn the puzzle over and use the back instead…just make sure everyone knows which side to decorate.


It is a good idea to trace or scan your puzzle in case any pieces get lost or damaged. You can always fashion the missing piece if needed.

I agree…sanding the shiny finish is a good start to gluing or painting on them.

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Oh, I get it now! I would be interested in sending puzzle pieces to several partners then joining them all together like those examples. That looks fun.