Aluminum Pinecone Wreath - Green Holiday “Greens” 2022 Entry

I had such fun using a few of my steel rule dies to cut up a bunch of aluminum beverage cans to make this wreath!


Normally we crush our cans to donate them to a local animal shelter that sells them to a recycler, but I set aside a bunch over the last few months for this project. I cut up 30 cans for this, but probably only used about 25 cans’ worth. One can would make 2 pinecones or one each of the holly and pine sprigs.

I’ve hung it on our woodshed since we already have decorations that I like on the front doors and we’ll see it a lot more often than if I put it on the fence or gate.

I spray painted an old green wire wreath form with a pewter-y spray paint that we had around, then wired each of the pieces to the form. Just to keep things from shifting around I applied a dob of hot glue to each of the twisted wires. All the materials, including the bow, were from stash or “trash”! WOOT!


This is fantastic! I would never have guessed cans!

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Very creative and I bet it catches the light too!

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This is utterly fabulous!

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Really cool use of cans! I’ve made star shaped ornaments from them before, but I’ve never seen them die-cut like this. Were the cans hard to work with? Were the edges sharp?

Very cool! I love the icy look of the aluminium and cool mint ribbon.

Thanks, everyone!

@HeroicHatchling The edges are surprisingly unsharp to work with. They will slice like paper does in a paper cut situation, but just a little added care and attention while working with them kept me from getting cut. That said, gloves wouldn’t be a bad idea. The hardest part is getting them cut out of their can shape into a useful, flat piece; the metal is so thin that it’s easy to crush or crinkling it. I started die cutting them with this project back in the spring of 2021 and have done it for few other things since, like the label on this recent project.


This is so awesome!!! The detail and texture in the pinecones is top notch!

Absolutely AWESOME my friend! Beautifully done.


Thanks so much, everyone!

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I love how subtle this is! It’s like a surprise when you walk up to it! Did you have to pry up a few of the pieces (on the pinecone “leaves”…what are those things called anyway?) to give them more dimension, or did the die already do that?

Thank you! I don’t know what the technical term is, but I call them “scales” and yes, I rolled the cones to get them to separate a little and then also pried and poked 'em!

Interestingly, as it has been outside for a couple weeks now, it seems to have gotten more visibly textured. Maybe some oxidation or UV exposure has altered the metal? Or the heat/cold cycles each day and the 50 degree temp changes overall have made the metal change shape?


Scales might be the right word :slight_smile: And, that extra texture gives it that little bit extra. It will be interesting to see how it changes with continued weather exposure- I always thought aluminum was fairly impervious to the weather but I’ve never put it to the test. You definitely have the weather for that!


I’m interested in seeing the changes, too. It won’t rust but things like aluminum ladders oxidize with a little black dustiness, so maybe this will? Of course, one side is painted and the inside might be lined with something, so we’ll just have to wait and watch! I think the narrow pieces of the pine and holly are making those bend a little.


Did I mention how much I like this? The frosty silver is perfect for outdoor decore. Really looks great.

Thank you! I think that the details are showing up more after it being outside through our COLD snap last month and I’m enjoying that.


This is absolutely gorgeous. I adore everything about your stunning wreath.

Awww, thank you!